Landlords Looking to Sell over Energy Efficiency Costs and EPC changes


The UK Government are proposing changes to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for England & Wales. As part of a wider plan to make homes more energy effiicient and to meet the target of being Net-Zero by 2050.

Currently, to be able to rent out a property the EPC rating must be a minimum of ‘E’. The proposal is that by 2025 this will be increased to a minimum rating of a ‘C’

Currently 62% of rental properties hold an EPC rating between ‘D’ and ‘G’

As a result it is thought that 20% of landlords are considering selling properties and 27% of landlords are looking to pass on the cost of improvements, by increasing rents.

Now is the time, to take advice from an experienced Energy Assessor, who can advise you the most effective way of improving the efficiency of your properties.

Why not contact us and let us help you determine your next steps?

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