Retrofit Assessment – What are they?

Why do I need a Retrofit Assessment?

A retrofit assessor will assess your property and produce a retrofit assessment. The aim is to recommend measures to improve the energy efficiency of your home in a ‘whole of house’ approach. The retrofit assessment report will then be used by your retrofit coordinator, to oversee the management and design of all retrofit measuires. The assessment is effectively three reports in one. An energy report, an occupancy assessment and a condition report.

Energy Report
This is similar to an Energy Performance Certificate, but with a little bit more detail added. This element of the report makes the Energy Efficiency Recommendations that should be considered, in order to make the property more efficient.

Condition Report
It is important that any current defects are considered before moving forward with Energy Efficiency measures. Some defects if not rectified first, could make current defects worse. Such defects that we must consider are Damp and Condensation, Structural movement, Damage to elements of the property, such as roof, walls and floors.

From there you can make decisions on what you can do to make your energy usage more efficient such as increasing insulation, replacing a boiler or installing photovoltaic panels (PV).

Occupancy Assessment
The final part of the assessment is looking at your previous energy usage. We will need to look at your last 12 months utility bills and will ask questions about how you use the property in terms of cooking, showering and bathing. Understanding how you use the property and when, will allow us to tailor recommendations to specifically suit you.

The assessment usually takes about two hours and will be carried out by a fully accredited Retrofit Assessor who will assess the scope and risk of any action to be taken with your property.

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How Much is a Retrofit Assessment?

The best thing to do is give us a call and we will give you an actual price, but to give you an idea we tend to charge between £140 and £220 based on the size of your property.

How Long Does a Retrofit Assessment Take?

On average, it will take us about two hours to record everything we need at your property. Then to actually create the report will take about the same again back at our offices.

What Areas Do We Cover?

We offer Retrofit Assessments in the following areas.

Halifax (HX) – Huddersfield (HD) – Bradford (BD) – Wakefield (WF) – Leeds (LS) – Manchester (M) – Sheffield (S)

It’s worth mentioning here that you can also use your own Mortgage Adviser and your own solicitor. If you would like any help with this, then we can put you in touch with local companies that we have used over the years. Our parent company KIS financial solutions offer fee free mortgage advice

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