EPC near me

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EPC near me – In order to keep our pricing competitive, we limit how far we will travel when producing an EPC. We currently offer Energy Performance Certificate’s (EPC) in the following towns, including surrounding areas

  • Brighouse
  • Huddersfield
  • Halifax
  • Bradford
  • Leeds
  • Wakefield

Our Pricing

Postcode1-2 Beds3-4 Beds5-6 Beds
HD1 – HD6£60.00£60.00£60.00
HD7 – HD9£60.00£65.00£75.00
HX1 – HX5£55.00£60.00£65.00
HX6 – HX7£60.00£65.00£75.00
WF2 – WF5£65.00£75.00£85.00
WF12 – WF17£60.00£70.00£80.00
BD1 – BD5£65.00£75.00£85.00
BD7 – BD11£65.00£75.00£85.00
BD13 – BD18£65.00£75.00£85.00
LS10 – LS13£65.00£75.00£85.00
LS26 – LS28£65.00£75.00£85.00
Our EPC Pricing

Let us help. Call us on 01484 507801

EPC Register

Before you buy another EPC, you can check to see if there is already a valid EPC on the Government website. Having said that, it may be that even if you have a valid EPC, if you have made improvements to the property such as new boiler, double glazing, insulation etc… then getting a new EPC produced, may make your property more attractive with a better EPC rating? If you want to discuss this before ordering a new EPC, then feel free to give us a call.

If you are selling or renting out your home, then you must now have an Energy Performance Certificate.

Efficiency Rating – An Energy Performance Certificate gives an indication of how much it costs to run the property in terms of providing heat and hot water, by way of an easy to understand efficiency rating. 

Environmental Impact – It also provides an idea about how much carbon (in tonnes) the property uses, compared to the average and also how much less could be used if recommendations were made.

Recommendations – The report will show you a number of recommendations from low cost to high cost measures and how this will improve the properties efficiency. It includes approximate costs and also potential yearly savings.  

Do I need to use my Estate Agent?

No, you can use any suitably qualified Domestic Energy Assessor to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for you. Typically, an Estate Agent will charge between £90 & £120 for the EPC. Using an Independent Assessor will normally be much cheaper.

Let us help. Call us on 01484 507801